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2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hello Paige!

    I am honored to have met you on Twitter. Your common ground and insight in regards to ECUSA is refreshing to me in that I do not feel so alone.


    Dave Logan


  2. Dear Pastor Paige, met YOU so to speak on Twitter Land. I find very much comfort in reading the Bible Daily. It is the Rule and Guide Of My Life. I am A good MAN trying to be a better MAN. There is peace in the valley for ME. Life is not a bed of roses but I have been truly Blessed. I truly believe a lot of Folk’s spend more time, pine’ in over what they don’t have and forget to be truly appreciate and thankful what they already got. Miss Paige, I would dearly, like to wish you and your family. A Thanksgiving, full of Faith Hope, Charity and Love. My Almighty God, shine his face upon U’ all and give you Peace, I am, with Brotherly Love and Affection, Rick Gordon


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